Marketing that gives, gets more in return.

Unlock true marketing success by giving more to your target audience than you take. Today's buyers and customers appreciate generosity now more than ever. Introducing the first marketing campaigns that reward your audience for engagement.

Leverage buyer behavior

Your audience watches video, but ❤️ gift cards.

Why doesn't the C-suite like spending money to create videos? No clear path to ROI...until now. Send your audience to a landing page that combines progressive rewards with video watch time and see brand engagement, sales, and the love grow!!!

Buyer-led Experiences

Sendofy uses two decades of user behavior data to educate and convert.

Engagement metrics matter
Would you watch three videos for the price of a cup of coffee? Your prospects will.
Get better engagement
Forget high-end keywords. AI is killing that approach. Go direct with incentive-led emails or social ads.
Reach 4x the buyer group
The economy sucks. Show customers you understand their pain with instant egifts.
Buy & engage
Your current landing page has a hero image with a big CTA button...boring. Build excitement instead.
Sendofy landing pages and websites

Sendofy your emails, ads, mail, and social

Your marketing message competes with social media channels, apps, video games, and streaming tv services. Consumers and B2B buyers are rewriting the rules of engagement. Beat those platforms at their own game to get subscribers, meetings, and ecommerce or foot traffic.

How it works

Playing is believing. Get a sandbox version using existing company videos for a click-about version.

Deliver instant rewards Select short-videos Define your target audience


Know before you go to get the best ROI

  • Understand the challenges your ICPs face everyday
  • Choose your video content to educate and inform
  • Find and repurpose user generated video content
  • Set an instant reward budget
  • Ask questions to allow users to collect rewards
  • Build transactional relationships with your audience
  • Sendofy will create and host your landing page

Budget Planning Made Transparent

Align your objectives with ours through our fully transparent breakdown. Build your budget with confidence.


self-serve option
1 User
AI generated quiz
500 respondents/month
eGift fulfillment: Cost + 25%
Custom branded
Email alerts
self-serve option
Up to 5 users
Custom quizzes
Unlimited respondents
Set microincentive budget cap
Quiz conversion reports
Download conversions
eGift fulfillment: Cost + 20%
Email alerts
Available Today
starting at
Create a landing page
Build your quiz funnel
Execute a campaign
Capture results
Fulfill the rewards
Add your branding
Integrate with martech
Great for ABM and evergreen
An alternative to $$ agencies
Lower PPE cost than PPC

Sendofy for Free

Generate a
Sendofy Quiz
No credit card required
AI generated quiz
Capture the first 100 respondents free
Retroactive microincentive options available
Sendofy branded

Content & Mail Services

Custom content and campaign extension
Custom quotes available
Minimum project commitment of $5,000

AI and best-in-class software
do the heavy lifting

SOC2 compliant vendors keep it safe, integration leverages your CRM or MAT.

Use your MOPS chops

Use your MOPS chops

Our team helps your team make it happen. Add value to your existing marketing tools with a better use of video. We recommend quiz-based landing pages for anyone that wants to increase conversions—that should be anyone that leverages landing pages in their mix. We're building for the future and the future is video. This is perfect for buyer led growth and trust building.

It just works

It just works

When is the last time you opened Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok? You're not alone. We all watch short-form video. B2C, D2C, and B2B need a new way to leverage video content. This is it. Video in a custom content feed that you fill and the user controls. This is the future of marketing. Are you going to be a leader and start using this now, or wait for your competitors to beat you to the punch.

Mail results in a jiffy

Drive web traffic

How do you drive people to landing pages today? Improve conversion rates and engagement by replacing landing pages with custom content feeds.

Seriously, you have a huge opportunity to reduce bounce rates, learn audience preferences, build trust, and get conversions—lots of conversions.

Get better meetings

Social vs. Sendofy

When someone subscribes to your YouTube channel, Instagram or TikTok those platforms get a customer. You don't. When someone subscribes with a Sendofy content feed, you get the customer.

Do you want to spend your budget getting YouTube customers, or would you rather those targets become your customers? It's a no-brainer. Go with Sendofy.