Goodbye boring
landing pages

Unlock B2B marketing success with quiz-based landing pages that leverage progressive rewards to suck people in, get them to consume video content, and answer lead qualification questions. It's the ultimate you-scratch-my-back-I'll-scratch yours web experience.

Leverage buyer behavior

Leverage buyer behavior

Leverage intent data and capture attention with guerilla mail, videos, quizzes, rewards, and more to secure valuable time with prospects at a lower cost than PPC and big-box gifting. Use familiar, trusted user experiences and gamification to transform your customer relationship.

Experience and exploration

Sendofy uses two decades of user behavior data to educate and convert.

Engagement metrics matter
Engagement metrics matter and 10-20% more than email alone is solid.
Get better engagement
Top keywords can cost $150! Get better engagement for 90% less than PPC.
Reach 4x the buyer group
Thin budgets? No problem. Reach 4x the buyer group with PPE.
Buy & engage
Leverage Sendofy for customer nurture, education and retention
Sendofy landing pages and websites

Get the kind of results that get you a promotion

It's no joke. We all want to move up in this world and getting 50+ meetings off a single email send is a good start. Leverage our incentive-based approach to show off your best video content, lure your audience in with egifts, then grab 'em and convert them into meetings.

How it works

If this seems overwhelming, never fear. We can help you get up and running in no time.

marketing Choose a microincentive Setup your quiz Define your target audience


Know before you go to get the best ROI

  • Understand the challenges your ICPs face everyday
  • Leverage video content to create and teach
  • Ask quiz questions that reinforce your message
  • Set  your egift microincentive budget
  • Understand your success metrics
  • Build transactional relationships with your audience
  • Sendofy will create and run your campaigns

Budget Planning Made Transparent

Align your objectives with ours through our fully transparent breakdown. Build your budget with confidence.


self-serve option
1 User
AI generated quiz
500 respondents/month
eGift fulfillment: Cost + 25%
Custom branded
Email alerts
self-serve option
Up to 5 users
Custom quizzes
Unlimited respondents
Set microincentive budget cap
Quiz conversion reports
Download conversions
eGift fulfillment: Cost + 20%
Email alerts
Available Today
starting at
Create a landing page
Build your quiz funnel
Execute a campaign
Capture results
Fulfill the rewards
Add your branding
Integrate with martech
Great for ABM and evergreen
An alternative to $$ agencies
Lower PPE cost than PPC

Sendofy for Free

Generate a
Sendofy Quiz
No credit card required
AI generated quiz
Capture the first 100 respondents free
Retroactive microincentive options available
Sendofy branded

Content & Mail Services

Custom content and campaign extension
Custom quotes available
Minimum project commitment of $5,000

AI and best-in-class software does the heavy lifting

Our SOC2 compliant vendors keep it safe and simple for all of us.

Use your MOPS chops

Use your MOPS chops

Do you have an overworked marketing operations team? No worries. Sendofy supports your need to add quiz engagement to your Marketo or Hubspot. Our team helps your team make it happen. Add value to your existing marketing tools.

It just works

It just works

Rewarding customers, prospects and employees with microincentives boosts engagement and loyalty. Landing pages with quizzes deliver the right message. Emphasizing education and building transactional relationships with customers. Empower your audience to be influencers.

Mail results in a jiffy

Ship it

If your in-house team is too busy, let our team knock out a campaign or two. We'll make you videos, write emails, write questions, help with sales scripts, strategic planning...heck, we have so many years of experience that this stuff is actually easy for us. That's how we are so expensive. Just kidding, if you made it this far down our homepage we had to throw that in. We're comfortably affordable, because the better your ROI the more money you'll spend with us. Win-win.

Get better meetings

Get better meetings

Stop trying to buy meetings. Buy education and engagement to earn high-quality meetings. A new generation of consumers and buyers prefer self-exploration, videos and gamification. Sendofy gets from top of funnel to the final leg of the sales process and beyond. Sendofy gets foot traffic to your retail and restaurant.